Writing an Essay on Foreign Literature: How Can You Reach Success?

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Although many young people appreciate the foreign literature classes and find that reading fiction novels and beautiful poems is a very amusing activity, they still may have some troubles with writing papers which their teacher tell them to complete. As a result, students get bad grades on their favorite lesson and then, have no desire to attend it anymore. Sure, it is a pity as they lose a perfect opportunity to discover this world while reading and get in touch with foreign masterpieces and cultures. Sometimes these classes and assignments can change your worldview and make you more respectful and tolerant to others. The only challenge which you may meet is surely creating essays as not everyone has well-developed writing skills. Hence, you should pay attention to some brilliant tips for completing papers on foreign literature studies. We compiled some of them in this article.

Do Not Be Too Wordy

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The most widespread mistake among students is surely overloading their pages with the unnecessary words and phrases. Hence, their papers become too large and these things are difficult to comprehend. Do not forget that being too wordy may be very harmful to the outcome of your writing work. This is one of the major reasons why teachers put bad marks for students’ essays. Your task is avoiding unnecessary explanations and words. It is essential to express your position and opinion clearly and directly. If you answer the question in a blurred and uncertain way, you will probably be unsuccessful and your work will be estimated poorly.

Understand the Foreign Culture

It is very important to understand the foreign culture clearly as the author who has written a novel you analyze was influenced by local traditions and circumstances. First of all, you have to pay attention to his native country. For example, a Chinese writer will create his masterpieces with a different style and plots than a European author. You should clearly understand specialties of the literature tradition of a certain country. Discover which things are similar to those which you have in your native place. Then, you should find what is different. Hence, you should find some information about the local specialties which influenced the author. It is easy to get in encyclopedias. However, there is no need to rewrite all these things. Just transfer them to your paper in the brief and clear form.

Compare the Foreign Novel with Your Native Literature

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It is true that the best way to analyze the novel and indicate its specialties is comparing it with one of your native literature masterpieces. You will understand that different nations have different ideal views on the poetry or fiction writing. Authors use different styles, literary techniques, basic for stories and so on. Some of them even build their novels on national myths. On the other hand, some writer may explain original rituals, beliefs and cultures which are exotic for foreigners. Things which seem to be strange and unknown will become clear and close to you. Sometimes this point is required by the instruction in your assignment as teachers like to ask students to compare several novels.

Explore the Symbols

Keep in mind that in foreign novels, some symbols may be unclear and hidden for you. That is why students often miss important things and cannot get the main sense of the book. It is essential to be able to recognize at least the most significant symbols from the text. The previous steps where you have to explore the foreign culture will be very helpful in such a case. This knowledge of local traditions will make you able to understand the allusions to the famous events and cultures in this country. On the other hand, it is necessary to pay attention to the author’s life story. There may be some events or personalities which have a great impact on the writer’s views and opinions. Hence, he or she wrote the novel while being influenced by these things and you can find a parallel between them and the text of this book. Sure, it is also possible to surf the internet or go to the library in order to find the necessary materials for this work. Do not forget that there are lots of ready-made articles about famous masterpieces but you should analyze things on your own. The professor can easily notice that you plagiarized your paper from the web.

All in all, there are some significant things you should remember while creating a paper on foreign literature. Sure, your teacher may give you a completely unpredictable task where none of the average recommendations will work. In this case, you should follow rules from our article. They are suitable for the majority of the assignments on this subject and you can stay creative and original while using them. We hope that you will not meet difficulties while working on such a paper. Even if you do, there always will be a good solution explained in one of our posts. The next time we will describe several great methods of writing an essay on performing arts, namely drama.

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