Traditional School vs. Self-Education: Which Is More Effective?


A lot of often modern people ask: “What is better: home education or public schools?”, but there is no clear answer. So many men so many minds.

This question is still a great topic to discuss. However, many young people support the point of view which states that self-learning is more effective and can bring much better results than average schooling. So, they prefer to study at home and sometimes even take private lessons instead of attending a public school.

As we described in our previous article, there are many cheap and simple methods of self-education which can make students cleverer and more creative. Now, we want to compare the main features of public schools and home studying in order to select a better variant for an average student.

Our team have selected the main pluses and minuses of the both types of education and made a conclusion. Stick to these statements, and you will easily reach success at college.


Public schools are good places to make some contacts with people of your age and build relationships with them. A school student will never suffer from the lack of communication. Study at school provides the skills of socializing, which are significant in life. Youngsters get aware of how to behave in a community and adjust to new conditions and people. They also develop speaking skills and fight shyness, which is common among teenagers.

Self-education, per contra, does not give so many opportunities to make new friends and learn the skills of successful communication. Such young people do not learn how to work in one team. It may become a problem in the future. Why? Most employers search for workers who are good team players. In this case, homeschooling is worse than a traditional school.

Interest to Study

Student Reading Book

It is proved by many students that a traditional form of education reduces an interest in studying. That is why young people quickly get bored during the lessons at an average school. So, they just waste time there and get no benefit because of it.

It means that self-education is better in such case. Students can choose what they really like and are interested in. If a young person is excited about some subjects, he or she will work with higher productivity. Moreover, it is possible to develop true interest to classes, which seem to be boring when taught at school. You can change your attitude thanks to self-learning.

Life Skills

It is essential to learn not only theory but practical skills, which are useful in real life as well. Most classes at a traditional school teach only bookish materials and nothing useful for future. However, at home teenagers can select things to learn by themselves; they do not need to follow a certain program. It is possible to gain several beneficial skills for living. Unfortunately, average school teachers may not provide such useful knowledge, so young people have to search for it by themselves.

Boundaries and Limits

Strict Teacher

Modern public schools usually set a lot of limits and boundaries for students. Sure, discipline is necessary, but it should not reduce children’s creativity, as it happens nowadays. Most of the limits and rules make students similar to each other and ruin their individualities. That is why many young people hate school and prefer to study on their own.

Enjoyable Methods

School teachers do not provide enjoyable and interactive methods of learning. They offer teenagers to read boring textbooks and make lots of notes. Such things will definitely demotivate an average student. He or she will skip classes and hate school.

Self-education gives you a chance to use enjoyable and entertaining methods of learning: games, books, movies. It is more interesting and effective than spending hours on reading an overly complicated scientific report, which will probably give you no benefits in the future.

To sum up, there are many different opinions on this issue. Scientists did a lot of surveys to define which variant of education develops a teenager’s personality better. However, there is still no answer.

It is true that homeschooling becomes more and more widespread nowadays. In addition, a lot of students start paying attention to self-learning as the addition to their college and school lessons.

We hope that soon our society will develop our education and students will get better knowledge and develop more effective skills as a result. You can use our ideas to decide what is suitable for you. And in the next article, we will explain the most common mistakes which can be made in self-education.

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