The Example of an Essay on the Art History: Da Vinci’s Personality

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It is true that Leonardo da Vinci is surely one of the most significant personalities in the worldwide history of arts. Without any exaggeration, he was an outstanding person. Probably he is the one whom the majority of students recall in their mind while talking about art. Hence, lots of school and college assignments include questions about da Vinci. That is why young people should be aware of the most important points of his biography, know the major of his paintings and inventions. Hence, you should keep this information in mind not just for writing essays but for being an educated and intelligent person and discussing various art topics. However, only a few people know some unusual facts about this artist. Which are the most amusing things to know about da Vinci’s personality?

Usage of the Oil Paint

It is true that Leonardo da Vinci was not just a good artist, he was not afraid to use new techniques and methods of drawing his works. That is why he was one of the first people who started using oil paint for paintings. Sure, it seems to be an ordinary thing nowadays when we have a wide range of supplies for our creative activities. However, in the da Vinci’s time in Italy, this technique was not spread and even explored. Hence, he made a huge investment in its development. Unfortunately, he did not know that it may be greatly damaged after dozens of years and that is why his works were corrected many times in order to save these masterpieces.

The Famous Vegetarian

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One more interesting fact about da Vinci’s personality is that this artist was a vegetarian, and appreciated animals a lot. The fact which proves it exists. While visiting a local market, he bought birds in cages and then, gave them freedom. It was a kind of tradition in his life. He also hated war and found this was the way of destroying the humanity which could bring no positive outcome for anyone. At the same time, da Vinci worked as a military engineer. He was the one who created some dangerous weapons or the layouts for their development which was used by unfair people later.

Theories about “Mona Lisa”

It is true that there are many hypotheses and theories related to “Mona Lisa” and the creation of this portrait. Without any doubts, it is the most famous painting in the world and scholars continue looking for the sense which Leonardo put into this picture. Moreover, the process of its creating is not clear as well. It has not been discovered yet. There are lots of thoughts and opinions. Some people think that it was the pregnant wife of a famous Italian tradesman. Others find that da Vinci made his own portrait in such a way. Nevertheless, none of these theories has been proved by researchers and we cannot rely on any of them. In addition, many books are written and films directed which are dedicated to the secret of “Mona Lisa.”

The Left-Handed Genius

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As many famous inventors and artists, namely Michelangelo, Einstein and so on, Leonardo was left-handed. Maybe, it played a role in his style of drawing and helped him to become such a professional. Nevertheless, he could use his right hand as well as left. Sometimes da Vinci drew by one hand and wrote something by another. It sounds truly amazing. He was also able to write texts and words from the right side to the left. Hence, the artist made the majority of his notes in reverse. In this way, no one could steal his ideas and inventions which were described in the diary. These facts were proved by historians and we can be sure that Leonardo was an outstanding person even in such simple and ordinary things.

The Study of Human Anatomy

Probably the majority of young people have heard that Leonardo da Vinci tried to explore the human body and reveal some of the most widespread myths related to it. However, it was a truly hard task in those times as science was poorly developed and most of the people were not interested in getting more knowledge about their organism. Leonardo wanted to make some inventions by all means. That is why he stole corpses from the graveyard at night and then, explored them including learning the structure of bones, organs and so on. He was extremely interested if there was a soul in the human body. Moreover, he thought that deeper knowledge would let him make better paintings. Leonardo also made a picture of Vitruvian man where the proportions of human were researched.

Dreams of Human Flight

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Da Vinci dreamed of realizing the human flight and creating a kind of wings for people. He tried to notice how birds flew and wrote his thought down and then created several projects of such devices. These machines copied bird’s movements and forms, for example, airplane. He even had a draft of a flying ship. Leonardo also worked on the layout of the parachute. Only in 2000 in Africa, a man tried to use the device made strictly according to da Vinci’s project. He did a successful flight which proved that hundreds of years ago the Italian artist created a genial invention.

All in all, there are tons of interesting things about this outstanding artist, and only some of them are presented in this article. He was an unusual personality who did not just create pictures and sculptures but also worked on many other projects, including various studies, inventions and projects. Without any doubts, da Vinci made an incredible investment into the humanity development and the majority of devices we use nowadays were drafted by him hundreds of years ago. That is why his works are demonstrated only in the most prestigious exhibition halls and museums, and lines of people are standing for hours in order to see them. It is essential for every educated and smart person to understand Leonardo’s influence on the humanity and respect him not only as a talented artist but an intelligent scientist and researcher.

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