The Best Methods and Strategies of Self-Education

Students Writing Notes

In our previous article, we explained the reasons why self-education is significant for young people and how it helps them to reach success at college or work. We hope that it encouraged you to start learning something new at home.

Unfortunately, simple motivation is not enough. This is only a part of your success. First of all, you need to know some useful methods and strategies of self-education. Do not be afraid of their difficulty: most of these ways are easy to apply. There is no necessity to look for them on thousands of the web pages. Probably, you will find only advertisements of expensive tutorials, which are useless as a rule.

Our team have compiled these ideas in one article to make it more comfortable for you to learn them! Try several methods and strategies which we offer you. They were tested by dozens of students and will be useful for you.

Read Special Books

Of course, everyone knows that reading is the best way to gain knowledge and skills. That is why you can start doing this activity right now: read or listen to the audiobook when going somewhere by a subway train or bus, at school or at college.

Do not opt for readings of poor quality, which were published to get a profit and do not have any educational significance. Reading such books is unlikely to help you learn something new and will give you no benefits. If you decide to start self-educating with reading, it will be better to choose something not only interesting, but with a deep sense and clever message.

You should discover some new facts when reading such a book. It should not be a boring textbook or a dissertation though. Fiction may also be useful for education at home: it enlarges vocabulary, helps analyze and develop some personal qualities, and so on.

Watch Educational Movies

It is true that some teenagers prefer to watch typical Hollywood movies with lots of celebrities but no significant message. Sure, they are pretty good for entertainment and hanging out with friends. However, if you want to educate yourself at home and enrich your knowledge, these films may be even harmful. They will only distract your attention from essential things, and it will be difficult for you to concentrate.

It is better to choose less popular movies, which are non-profit and boast of not fantastic effects, but a specific sense. They can teach you how to behave in various life situations, find out some enlightening facts and so on. So, do not forget about educational films based on real events or documentaries.

Visit Additional Lectures

Students at Lecture

Many students will claim that they have enough lectures at school or college and there is no time to visit more classes. That is why most of these teenagers rarely attend events where famous and successful people perform. They deliver great speeches, which can be very informative for young people and may give them a lot of helpful ideas.

Sometimes, lecturers can motivate students to study better, be diligent and hard-working. Try not to skip such events which can teach you not theory but practical skills. You will never regret it later.

Play Games

It may sound strange to students who decide to start self-educating at home, but games are also useful for it. There are many smartphone apps which can develop your thinking skills and make you cleverer. It is possible to do such activities even while you are on the way from home to college.

Those may include portable crosswords or puzzles. These games are not for kids: many modern smart people use them to develop their brain. Also, there are many good video games which can be helpful in this case. Some of them are quests, where a player has to think a lot, answer questions and solve problems.

Make Something with Your Hands

Students Making Something

This activity requires some creative skills. When young people have to make something with their hands, they need a certain plan of organization of their work. It improves their time management abilities and teaches them how to take another view on any issue. Making some things on your own also helps you to learn ways of better concentration and prevent various kinds of distractions. So, this activity can make teenagers more independent and teach them some useful life skills.

There are many methods of self-education which do not cost a lot and require only several hours per day. Moreover, this type of study is enjoyable and fun. You can entertain yourself and learn something new at the same time.

It was proved that studying through playing is more effective and improves students’ productivity. Young people do not suffer from boredom and are motivated to memorize the material. It shows that self-education may be pleasant and exciting for teenagers: they may not even notice that they study and not entertain.

We hope that our ideas are helpful for you and that you will try them as soon as you can. In the next article our team will explain what is better: traditional public schools or homeschooling and self-education.

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