Our Philosophy

Our preschool is a cooperative venture to orient and stimulate children in a wide range of learning experiences in a Christian atmosphere. Working with the parents as assistants in the classroom helps to provide the link between home and school, thereby helping the parent to understand more fully what young children need for continued growth and learning.

Our goal is to provide what is good for children at their own stage of development.  We consider ourselves a school whose philosophy is based on the Developmental Point of View, created by Dr. Gesell.  The developmental point of view requires that we view children as individuals and as whole beings. The physical, social, emotional, and intellectual aspects of development depend on and support each other and should advance in concert, that is, one aspect of development should not be pushed ahead of others.

The developmental point of view appreciates that readiness for any task has its roots in the biological makeup of the child, in combination with environmental influences. Since we cannot produce, speed up, or ignore readiness, we are required to understand and respect developmental ages and stages, which indicate where a child is on a developmental spectrum now, not where we think he or she should be. This is not to say that we cannot or should not formulate expectations for behavior or performance, but rather that these expectations are based on a sound understanding of what is developmentally appropriate for the various ages and stages of growth.