Example of an Essay on Self-Education

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Self-education is definitely important for young people who want to enlarge their knowledge. It makes the process of study more effective and pleasant at the same time. Probably, none of the traditional school programs can replace the home-learning of material which you are really interested in.

It is impossible to be successful at college and receive excellent grades without revising the material on your own and studying something new. However, some students may ask themselves how to combine self-education and college lessons to get the best profit from it.

It is very important to manage the personal time to learn things at home and at a traditional educational institution. The most significant tip to know is that you should not choose only one variant for your whole life. The secret of your success is to combine them and get benefits from both of these types of education.

Manage Your Time

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The most important and helpful thing you should do to combine self-education and college lessons effectively is to organize your schedule. Some students cannot deal with it and miss something essential in their study. It happens because of the lack of time or wrong time management.

Select a certain period of time when you can do self-educational activities: for example, reading books in the evening or watching documentaries. Orient to your college or school schedule which cannot be changed for you individually: keep your list of classes near you in order not to miss anything. Try not to ignore your homework because you want to do some additional educational activities or switch to your hobbies.

Use Every Minute

It is vital to use every minute of your time if you want to enlarge your knowledge and improve some skills. Sure, it does not mean that you have to reduce all the breaks, but try to concentrate on the hard work. It is a pretty good idea to listen to educational CDs while driving to your college or school or listen to an audiobook on a bus. In such a way, you will not waste any second. For example, you can spend an hour without enjoying your favorite music playlist and learn some new materials instead.

Get Someone’s Support

You may need someone’s support: at least moral encouragement and motivation to go ahead and not to give up your self-education. It may happen to some young people who do not see any results soon after starting to self-learn. Moreover, they can barely combine it with their college classes and then decide to stop. In such a case, support of a close friend or family member is necessary to reach success. In addition, you may ask them for some advice.

Change Your Schedule

Sometimes it is possible to change your college or school schedule and switch from a full-time studying to a part-time regime. Of course, you should do it only if you feel that there is no other possibility to develop your knowledge and skills. Or if you want to attend some additional courses, and there is no enough time for it because of college lectures. You can ask the local administration if it is possible to do so at your college. This will help you to combine self-education and study at college successfully: you will have more time for self-developing activities, but it does not mean that you will not to go to college at all.

Get Enough Rest from Study

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If you combine your classes with some additional work at home, it does not mean that you will have a crazy daily schedule. The secret is good time management, as we have said in the previous paragraphs. However, it is also very significant to save some time for rest.

Do not forget about breaks and select some time to do one of your favorite activities: it may be everything you want from doing a workout to playing video games. The main point is that you should enjoy it and let your brain relax from all these tasks. Sometimes students may get depression or chronic stress because of heavy workload.

Remember that good sleep and balanced eating are very important as well. Do not sacrifice your well-being to spend the nights reading, typing or writing.

All in all, it is essential to set a suitable combination of self-learning and studying at school or college. It is not that you do not want to enrich your knowledge. You may be just afraid that additional tasks may affect your grades badly.

It can be, but correct time management can help you in this situation and save you from conflicts with professors. The main secrets of success are to understand the importance of both types of education, and never to sacrifice one of them in order to dedicate more time to the other.



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