Create a Perfect Paper on the History of Art: Good Prompts

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Many students will say that they are not interested in this subject and find it is a time wasting. They think that it is enough to attend history classes and there is no necessity to divide it into several particular lessons. However, it is truly difficult to become familiar with the most famous worldwide masterpieces without having several hours of lectures dedicated to it. Without any doubts, this course plays a great role. Nevertheless, many young people still miss these classes and then, have no idea how to deal with writing assignments given by a teacher. We can help you to tackle this problem and save you from negative grades. There is the list of the most helpful tips and hints which can play a great role for you and make your writing task much easier.

Visual Evidence

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As you work with the history of art, it is important to use some visual evidence for proving your arguments. This is the best way to make your hypothesis trustworthy. There are no doubts that young people would rather try to use someone else’s critics of a certain piece of art. It is a typical mistake which results in worse marks and teacher’s dissatisfaction. The person who pays less attention to the work of art itself and mostly targets on widespread opinions and estimations of it surely has an easier task than those people who review everything personally. However, it is significant to put down only your impressions and thoughts related to a picture or any other item which you analyze. It shows your specific approach and well-developed imagination.

Consult with Specialist

It is true that some parts of the analysis of the work of art may be difficult for you, so it will be better to consult with your supervisor or a specialist in this field. Hence, you will get some important information and maybe save yourself from great mistakes which are usually committed by students. There are no doubts that it is a much better thing than being confused or putting down wrong materials. If you visit an exhibition center in order to see a certain masterpiece which you should analyze, it is possible to talk to the local worker who can help you to understand the sense of a certain creative work better.

Be Concentrated on Your Main Question

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It is essential to stay focused on the main question in your assignment instead of trying to mention everything and pay too much attention to minor things. Without any doubts, your main task is answering directly without uncertainty. It will help you to get an excellent mark for your essay. Very often students overload the pages of the paper with thousands of unnecessary materials which do not influence their main position in any way and do not present even the part of the answer. Hence, you should prevent this mistake and avoid the typical confusion when you want to explain everything and irritate the readers of your work in such a way.

Use Historical Facts

It is true that all creations of famous authors are connected with the historical age when they have been made. Sometimes the influence of the circumstances, events, and contemporary personalities has an extremely big impact on the artist’s mind and worldview. As a result, his works are under this influence as well. That is why you should definitely research some historical facts. In case you find the necessary information, you should compare it to the masterpiece you analyze. Maybe the style or genre of a picture illustrates the time of its creation. Maybe an artist illustrates some events which have happened at that age. Sometimes they dedicate the series of pictures to an outstanding situation. Moreover, some paintings were made in the epoch when traditions and rules played a role. Thus, the author had to follow them first of all instead of preferring his creative ideas. Do not forget that these historical statements should be proved by scientists. It is better to put them into the separate chapter of your paper.

Discover Author’s Biography

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Do not forget that some events in the artists’ life, his childhood, family and so on may greatly influence the way he creates his paintings and develops his personal style. Thus, you will understand the hidden sense of his works and be able to create a deeper analysis of the career of a certain author. It is possible to find ready-made parallels between biography and pieces of art which have been written by well-known scholars. Keep in mind that sometimes things are not obvious. You will have to work with archives and some unknown sources of information.

Compare with Other Works

It is significant to compare a certain painting with other works of a certain author. That is why you have to get aware of his most famous pieces of art. It is also a good idea to pay attention to different periods of his creative work. Usually, the style is changing or a person starts using new plots and topics. Hence, you have to see the connection with other masterpieces and be able to build some parallels. Maybe, some works have the similar colors or style of drawing. Others may have the common plot or be based on the same myth or legend. If you cannot cope with this task you should surf the internet in order to find some helpful things.

All in all, there are several important points to keep in mind while writing an essay on the history of art. Keep in mind that it can also be an amusing experience which enlarges your knowledge and develops your imagination. Hence, you will get a brilliant opportunity to become familiar with world famous paintings and their creators. Do not forget that every educated person should be aware at least of the basics of this subject and be able to discuss some issues in art as well. In the next article, we will explain how to write an essay on religion for college or high school.

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