About KUM

Learning Is Fun at KUM

KUM Preschool’s curriculum emphasis is on fostering young children’s abilities to become self-directed, self-reliant, sensitive to others’ views, and to achieve personal, social and academic success.  In order for this to happen, children need to develop some sense of control over their lives, to make meaningful choices, and to interact with peers, adults and objects in the world.


The teacher serves as a facilitator during class time along with a parent helper or teaching assistant.  Each classroom day includes a large block of time for free choice in play among the various centers in the room.  These centers offer activities planned around themes appropriate to the interests of young children.  In this time the children are given the opportunity to explore and expand on their own interests, to act on the environment, to ask questions, observe, and interact with others. The children spend a portion of the day in the gym or outside developing large motor skills.   A smaller portion of the day is spent in teacher-directed and small group activities, such as story time and circle activities.

In addition, enrichment classes are offered once a week to most classes:

  • Music class
  • Movement class
  • Atelier (art studio)
  • Spanish (additional fee)
  • Garden Club (alternating Thursdays, additional fee)
  • Go With the Flow Yoga (alternating Thursdays, additional fee)